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With the pandemic still being a threat, it is ideal for getting your carpets cleaned to ensure a safe and healthy home environment for your family during this time. Sparkle Carpet Cleaning offers carpet cleaning in the North Lakes area at an affordable price. Ensure your carpets are free from dirt and bacteria by availing of our carpet cleaning services. We also provide professional carpet cleaning services in Logan, Ipswich, Forest Lake, Sunshine Coast, including Kippa-Ring, North Lakes, and anywhere in between. Visit our website to know more about Sparkle Carpet Cleaning. 

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Sparkle Carpet Cleaning is known to offer top-notch quality deluxe carpet cleaning at an affordable price. But other than cleaning carpets, we also have other home cleaning services done by our professional cleaners. Listed below are our commercial carpet cleaning services:

  • Commercial and Flood Restoration: At Sparkle Carpet Cleaning, we make sure to send in highly trained and certified staff to attend to all commercial and flood restoration services. We ensure all areas to be safe for any occupational health and safety purposes. You may contact our Sparkle Carpet Cleaning team for this specialised service today.
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning: Carpet steam cleaning is known to be the best carpet cleaning method offered as it removes dirt, grime, and stain that has been accumulated in your carpets. 
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning: Tile and Grout Cleaning removes the muck and dirt out of your tiles, giving your home a welcoming and vibrant feel. Sparkle Carpet Cleaning also offers ceramic tile cleaning, bathroom tile and shower tile, and floor tile cleaning.
  • Upholstery Cleaning: Sparkle Carpet Cleaning offers Upholstery Cleaning that removes all the build-up dust, dirt, and allergens from your furniture and keeps your carpet and furniture looking as good as new. This method of cleaning is perfect for households with kids and pets. Kids and pets usually spill food and drinks, which can be hard to remove without the help of professional cleaning.


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Frequently Asked Questions

As a carpet cleaning company, Sparkle Carpet Cleaning understands many things to consider before using carpet cleaning services. Therefore, we make sure to address your concerns by answering our customer's frequently asked questions on carpet cleaning North Lakes.

What method of carpet cleaning is best?

Many people say that steam cleaning carpets is the best method to clean your carpets. Steam cleaning uses high-pressure hot water to clean the carpets and deeply remove almost 90% of dirt and bacteria. Then, having hot water and chemicals mixed cleans the carpet's surface area and the deeper hollow dirt that the carpet accumulates. 

Is it worth having your carpets professionally cleaned?

Yes. It is worth it to have your carpets professionally cleaned. Every day our carpets accumulate a lot of dirt, grime, and stains that sometimes fall deeper and are not visible on the surface level. Having them professionally clean will give you and your family the assurance of a fresh and new carpet that your family can enjoy worry-free. Sparkle Carpet Cleaning can offer deluxe carpet cleaning that you will never regret. You can visit our website to see how Sparkle Carpet Cleaning transforms carpets, furniture, and mattresses by our carpet cleaners.

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